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About Rebel

I was fifteen when I decided I wanted to start writing stories and now I can say I followed my dream. My debut novel, Erratic Revival, brought on everything I loved about books. Characters overcoming the odds against them to find the purest forms of love with a touch of fantasy thrown in there. There always has to be a happily ever after. When I'm isn’t writing I usually have my nose in a good book or spending time with my kids and family. This first book started as a combination of all my favorite stories and over thirteen years it is what it is today.  The name Rebel Gallo started off as one of my other characters and when I decided to change her name I kept it as my pen name. It was too hard to associate my books without the name now lol. 

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The Human Underground Experimentation Duet Saga

The Human Underground Experimentation Duet Saga, or HUE saga, is a new adult sci-fi contemporary romance saga. This series follows six different couples that have been impacted but HUE in different ways. We see them learn about themselves, their powers, and learn to cope to their new realities. Follow this group of friends to learn their stories and see how they find their footing and get their vengeance.


Erratic Revival

Kairi Book One

What would you do if everything you’ve ever believed was a lie?


Kairi Rush is moving to a new town after an accident that seems to leave her with new powers. Kairi meets and can't help but be drawn to an alluring and oddly familiar man, no matter how hard she fights it. 

Over time of their back and forth flirtation, Kairi starts to have strange flashes of what seems like memories but are of a time she can't remember. 


This leads to a chain of events that lead her on a journey of self discovery, finding the truth about her past, her family, her feelings, and the key to her powers that are possibly linked to a dark truth she could have never imagined.

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Erratic Deception

Kairi Book Two

Can you trust your head or your heart when anyone could have the power to manipulate it?


After leaving everything behind, Kairi, Jaxon, and Andrew are back home in Texas. It’s not long before Jaxon and Andrew set out to find more experiments to fight alongside them to take down the Human Underground Experimentation organization once and for all. Kairi’s ready to start over but she’s convinced her power is more of a curse than a blessing.


As time goes on with Jaxon away their communication becomes less and less until it stops all together. Kairi finds comfort in a new friendship and coworker, but she starts to question her relationship with Jaxon. When Jaxon does finally return he hardly recognizes the woman he comes home to. With a new man lurking around and tensions running high it makes it hard for him to fall into his new normal. 


Will Jaxon be able to fix his relationship with Kairi, find the enemy among them, and prepare for the impending war on the horizon? Will Kairi be able to fight for clarity and control of the ability that threatens to consume her completely and truly conquer her fears and protect her friends?

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