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About K. N.

After publishing my first book under the the name Rebel, I was ready to write something different. My debut novel, Sinful Bite, was everything different in every way I needed it to be. the characters overcoming the odds against them to find the purest forms of love, steamy scenes not suitable for work, a little darkness, and a touch of fantasy thrown in there. There always has to be a happily ever after. When I'm isn’t writing I usually have my nose in a good book or spending time with my kids and family. Starting this world was so much fun and I can't wait to see where it goes.

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Minaoz City

The Minaoz City books are spicy fantasy romance books set in an alternate reality. In the Northern Territory of  Minaoz mythical creatures rule over humans. Vampires, werewolves, and dragons rule on the upper level. Sirens, nymphs, and fairies live in the middle level. Sprites, ogres, cyclops, and goblins take up the lower level with humans at the very bottom. Minaoz is ruled by the current vampire king, Sinclair Archer. Follow our king as he finds his True Mate who may or may not be a human. What could go wrong?

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Sinful Bite

Anita and Sinclair #1

"She's sweet and has an innocence about her that I want to drown in and corrupt slowly in the most sinful ways possible."

The northern region, Minaoz, is ruled by the current vampire king, Sinclair Archer. He's far from ready to settle down though he has potential mates. He prefers single nights of fun than commitment. That is until he meets his True Mate. 

Anita Carras is a human nurse at the central hospital. She works three times as hard as the other creatures working alongside her because of her race. Between work and her rocky relationship with her long term boyfriend she wonders if this is the life she truly wants to live. What happens when she's dragged to a nightclub called Sin that's owned by the vampire king. 

Will she feel the bond of her mate and will he be able to resist her scent that lures him in? There's those that would never approve of a human queen but will their bond be strong enough to defy the odds?

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Anita and Sinclair #2


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