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Story of Lunar Lake Press

Lunar Lake Press has always been passionate about writing and storytelling. As an author with multiple pen names it was the best option to create her own company where she can keep all her work in one place. She strives to self publish novels that reel the readers in where they can't put them down till the reach the end. She has stories to publish that cover different genre's and niches so there's a book for every lover of a good romance book with a happily ever after. 

Sinful Bite

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"She's sweet and has an innocence about her that I want to drown in and corrupt slowly in the most sinful ways possible."


The northern region, Minaoz, is ruled by the current vampire king, Sinclair Archer. He's far from ready to settle down though he has potential mates. He prefers single nights of fun than commitment. That is until he meets his True Mate. 


Anita Carras is a human nurse at the central hospital. She works three times as hard as the other creatures working alongside her because of her race. Between work and her rocky relationship with her long term boyfriend she wonders if this is the life she truly wants to live. 


What happens when she's dragged to a nightclub called Sin that's owned by the vampire king. Will she feel the bond of her mate and will he be able to resist her scent that lures him in? 


There's those that would never approve of a human queen but will their bond be strong enough to defy the odds?

Sinful Bite front Cover 9-8-22  copy.jpg

Erratic Revival

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What would you do if everything you've ever believed was a lie?


Kairi Rush is moving to a new town after an accident that seems to leave her with new powers. Kairi meets and can't help but be drawn to an alluring and oddly familiar man, no matter how hard she fights it. 


Over time of their back and forth flirtation, Kairi starts to have strange flashes of what seems like memories but are of a time she can't remember. 


This leads to a chain of events that lead her on a journey of self discovery, finding the truth about her past, her family, her feelings, and the key to her powers that are possibly linked to a dark truth she could have never imagined.

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